Here’s a list of the instructional videos I made. These cover different topics and arts, all of which I have enjoyed training in for a long time. These videos are my way of sharing my passion for them.

Combat Sanshou: The Punishing Chinese Fighting Art

When I was younger, I competed in Sanshou/Sanda and loved it. The emphasis on striking and downing an opponent without following him to the ground appealed to me a lot. Simply because this combat sport had techniques and strategies that didn’t conflict with my experience in self-defense and street violence. But it also kept the same mindset you find in traditional Chinese arts.

I created the Combat Sanshou system to form a bridge between both sports Sanshou and self defense techniques from traditional styles. But the goal is of course self-defense.

combat-sanshou-part-one-striking combat-sanshou-part-two-kickingcombat-sanshou-part-three-takedowns-throws-and-finishing-moves

Each set contains about fourĀ  hours of instructional material. No fluff or filler, all solid information. The sets are divivded into three distinct topics:


Combat Sanshou: Tiger and Snake

Tiger-and-Snake-215-300This is the next part in the Combat Sanshou series. It covers two basic scenarios:

How do you fight best if you’re big and strong?

How do you fight best if you’re light and fast?

In this video, I show how to adapt the Combat Sanshou curriculum to your specific body type and make the techniques work better for you. But you also learn how to switch from one strategy to the other and how to combine them. Bonus footage of live scenario training against a padded attacker.



The Fighter’s Video Guide to Hard-Core Heavy Bag Training

One thing I always enjoyed was solo training. Having to motivate yourself and push harder every workout was always a challenge but it gave me tremendous satisfaction. In those training sessions, I mostly used my heavy bag. After 25 years of training, I found a lot of ways to practice pretty much any technique or concept on the heavy bag. Here are some of them I show in this video:

  • The different types of impact and how to use them for incredible results.
  • How to incorporate self-defense techniques with weapons such as knife and stick.
  • A scientific progression that not only ingrains techniques correctly but also increases your knowledge and versatility with them.
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes thatĀ  can cause injury.
  • How to hit the bag with devastating power using arms and legs, knees, elbows forearms.
  • How to hit the heavy bag without injuring yourself
  • Practice brutal grappling techniques such as throws, sweeps and takedowns.
  • How to ingrain vicious ground fighting techniques you cannot practice with a training partner.
  • Cheap and easy training supplements that take your training to the next level.
  • Loads of grueling drills with or without a partner to reach your maximum potential.

This is also a video with over four hours of instructional content.


Pad Man: A Video Guide to Full-Contact Partner Training

The idea for this video came to me when I was showing my students how to use the pads and kicking shields. I noticed I had to explain the same things over and over again. When I talked to other instructors, they confirmed having the same problem: students didn’t know how to use the equipment correctly. Which makes their training both unproductive and dangerous.

I took a critical look at how you can best convey this information and put together a program that teaches you all the possible ways to use focus mitts, hand pads, Thai pads and kicking shields. Regardless if you train for Mixed Martial Arts, self defense or you do a traditional fighting style, you can use this information to improve your skills.


Some of the topics I cover are:

  • How to hold the pads correctly to avoid injuries.
  • The most common mistakes when using the equipment.
  • How to use the focus mitts and kicking shield for all sorts of striking techniques using arms and legs.
  • How to use the equipment in all ranges: kicking, striking, clinching and on the ground.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of each particular piece of equipment.
  • Much, much more.