Book review: “Individual Close Combat” by Bob Kasper

Here’s another book review: Bob Kasper ‘s Individual Close Combat, Volume One and Two. The review is short and sweet, I’ll explain later on in the conclusion. Mr Kasper passed away not so long ago so we’re lucky to see this book published at all.

Here goes:

The book starts with a foreword by Kelly McCann, one of the foremost experts in combatives and self defense training. In it he explains how he got to know the author and what kind of person he was.


Bob Kasper on the left

Volume One of Individual Close Combat starts with the basic principles of close combat such as simplicity control, offense, and several more. The second chapter covers aggressive attitude and explains its importance in self defense situations. We then move on to different modes of attack and the principles of generating power. Once again Mr. Kasper gives several concepts and explains how to use them. The final two chapters cover circle of defense and primary targets.

Volume two of Individual Close Combat starts with the guard and several everyday stances from which to defend yourself. The next chapter covers movement and body evasion along with different types of footwork. As with the other chapters every one of them is illustrated with clear pictures and no-nonsense instruction.

The book ends with a short biography of the author.



This review is short because Individual Close Combat is a small a book; it’s only 65 pages long and is pretty small sized. In and of itself that is not a bad thing but it can leave you wanting for more. The book covers the basics of close combat in a very practical and concise way. There’s no fluff or filler anywhere; just solid instruction with clear pictures as visual aids.

If you’re looking for a good introduction to unarmed self defense, Mr. Kasper’s work is a great place to start. With some dedicated practice of the guidelines and techniques he puts forward, you’ll have rudimentary self defense skills in no time. No magic bullets, just good, solid basics.
So if that’s what you’re looking for, this is the book for you.




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