Video update: It’s a wrap!

A few hours ago, the Paladin Press video director spoke the magic words: “It’s a wrap!” Only a few minutes earlier, I was hitting my demo partner full power in the face with punches and palm strikes fter I rammed him into a dumpster. He was wearing Mr. Bill Kipp’s latest Gladiator suit, so he was just fine. But still, quite a contrast going from full-bore fighting to the next minute saying thanks to everybody for doing such an outstanding job over the last four days of shooting.

Pretty much everything went the way it should. Here are some highlights of my trip so far:

  • Once again, my flight to Denver was delayed. Thunderstorms this time. As a result, I’d been up for 24h before arriving at the hotel. Not really a great way to start but at least I had the next day to recover.
  • We got in all the information that I wanted to include for the Conditioning for Power video. There’s a chance we might have to cut some parts because we ran over the maximum length for one DVD. I tried to keep it under that limit but it didn’t turn out that way.
  • I had less trouble with my back than I had feared. Just before leaving for the US, I was forced to do three sessions at the chiropractor just so I could walk without pain, let alone do any exercise. Considering that, it went well enough.
  • For the Combat Sanshou: Tiger and Snake video, things worked out well too. My demo partner, Brian, went above and beyond the call of duty as he had to take some hard shots from me. So props to him for sticking with it for the whole four days.
  • Meeting Mr. Kipp was awesome. He has a wealth of experience and offers a unique product with his Gladiator suit. He wore it for and I launched full power elbow shots at his head; he just shrugged them off. then I put on the suit and he launched a bunch of shots; same result. I could feel some sort of shock wave but other than that, I was fine. Awesome training tool!
  • He was kind enough to lend it to me for the last day of the shoot. I had planned to do some scenarios for the Combat Sanshou video so the suit was perfect for that. Originally, we were going to use a chest guard and some headgear. It’s better than nothing but it isn’t great because you can still injure your partner if you crank up the intensity. With the Gladiator suit, I didn’t have to hold back. At one point, I was pounding my Brian’s head into the floor with punches, as hard as I could. Afterwards, he was just fine, told me he hadn’t felt a thing. I looked at the footage and it does indeed look pretty spectacular.
  • After the shoot, I got to shoot some guns, which is always fun. I really like the .45 but the most impressive firearm was the elephant gun: a slug as big as my finger and quite a bit of kickback. It’s probably luck but I did hit center mass, which was exactly what I had aimed for.

I’m now off the clock and am enjoying three days of fun with a bunch of friends at the annual Animal List BBQ. It’s going to be a load of fun training with people like Peyton Quinn, Iain Abernathy, Kris Wilder and many, many more. Good times ahead…

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  1. Hmmmmm, So if the 25 ninjas wear gladiotar suits.
    I wil have a hard time fighting them of.

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