Newsletter update: What do you want?

A while ago I asked for some feedback on my upcoming newsletter. I most certainly got it so thank you all for taking the time to vote in the poll.

The results clearly indicate you have a preference for three specific topics:

  • Training tips: ideas to help you improve your training. (86%)
  • Training course: An online, multi-part course on a given technique or concept. (55%)
  • Web picks: Internet articles and websites you’ll find interesting. (54%)

As you asked, so you shall receive. :-) But I’m not done asking what cha what cha want just yet…

First we have to decide what kind of newsletter you are most interested in. Because there are many different ways I can write them. I could make each newsletter a collection of 1-2 paragraph training tips and so on. Or I could go more in depth on a particular topic and write a full article about it and then add some web picks at the end. Of course, there’s overlap and I can mix and match things a bit too. But I’d like to have some idea of which way to go with this.

I don’t want to spend time on a newsletter format that all of you end up hating. The whole point of a newsletter is that it’s interesting for you specifically instead of a waste of electrons. There are already plenty of newsletters out there and I don’t want to add mine to the list of bad ones. Hence my new poll at the top right corner of  the sidebar.
Please vote on the option you prefer so I can get a better idea of what you want the most. I’ll leave the poll up there for a little while to see which option gets the most votes.

Once that’s cleared up, I can start writing.


Thanks for your help!


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