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A quick head’s up:

I just put a new page on-line here: the Resources Page.

The idea is very simple, but I think it might be useful to all of you. In short, it’s a page that lists all the products, services and tools I use both to run this blog but also for my own training and when I teach students or clients. I’ve mentioned those over the years here on my blog but that information is scattered all over the place. So to make it more practical for you, I bundled it all on one page.

martial arts self defense resources

I’ll keep on adding to this list as time goes by, so you might want to check it out every now and then. And if you have suggestions, let me know and I’ll see if I can add them.

If you like the page, feel free to share it with others who also might find a use for it. Thanks!


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  1. thanks wim, much appreciated, a nice gesture….

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