Stupid criminal almost loses his arm

Here’s another candidate for the Darwin awards:

Apparently, the criminal had tried to extort some money out of a shop owner but the man refused. So he decided to take it out of of the owner’s car by sticking a knife in the tire. He didn’t seem to know that those big SUV tires have a pretty high amount of pressure in them…

Check out the video:

Watch how he is spun around and smacked into the ground with his t-shirt ripped away. The knife seems to have cut into his arm, as you can tell from the blood on the pavement. The criminal is damn lucky he didn’t lose his arm, or worse, got the knife launched into his face or body.

You can look at this video as a lesson on the importance of paying attention in science class, where they teach you about this kind of stuff.  Whoever said criminals don’t need to go to school? :-)

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  1. I love stupid criminal stuff.

  2. Phil Kouse says

    Not to mention considering whether you may be on video before you try committing a crime.

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