Drunk girl gets beat up in a store

I’ve talked about avoidance and de-escalation a lot on my blog here. I’ve also talked a bunch of times about taking responsibility for your own actions, understanding how they affect others but most of all, not being naive by thinking you can get away with everything because “You have rights!” It seems most people who read my posts get these notions which gives me hope that one day all this might actually become common sense again, much as it was for most of human history.

But each time I even think about that hope, I see a video like this one here…

This young lady needs to hear somebody say things like:

  • “Fuck you bitch!” is not an effective de-escalation strategy. On the contrary, it tends to incite violence.
  • Yes, it is a free country and you have rights. But these rights stop at the point where you start infringing upon those of others. Walking into a store and calling people names like you did is not only against the law, it’s also stupid.
  • Even if you disagree with the above and want to cling to your misguided world view, that doesn’t change the fact that your words and actions caused you to get an ass-kicking. So in the spirit of self-preservation, you might want to consider a behavioral change.
  • If you still don’t want to change, that’s OK. It doesn’t influence anybody else’s life all that much if you get beaten up or worse next time. Good luck with that.

Given how she reacts after the beat-down, I’m guessing the last bullet will be the most applicable to that girl. So a heartfelt “Good luck to you.”, wherever she is.


  1. First the lady takes the drink; then the drink takes the lady.

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