Batman loses a street fight

First, take a look at the fight and count the ways in which it could have been avoided.
Then, watch again but notice the blond woman in the blue tank top. She is doing a lot of work to keep her man from stepping in. She fails in the end as he does eventually break it up. Here’s the thing: he chose to do so in a reconciling manner.

Some people would have ended it by cracking the skull of the “winner” of the fight.

Others would have stabbed him in the back…

Moral of the story:

  • Watch your six at all times.
  • You can’t effectively watch your six at all times in a crowd. Especially not when you’re busy focusing on the guy you’re trying to beat up.
  • Don’t fight in crowds; there’s very likely to be at least one guy who wants to get a free shot in.
  • Don’t get into stupid fights. If you have to beat up a guy who dresses like a fictional character in public, you have issues to deal with…

Here’s an example of just that dynamic in action. There you are, picking a fight with Batman in the streets and who just happens to be in the crowd (or perhaps he was web-slinging by…)…

Yup, your friendly neighborhood Spiderman to the rescue. There’s a Marvel vs. DC Comics joke here but I’m not going to go there…

This video is silly but it goes to show that third-party involvement can and does happen. Two things you need to consider about it:

  • It can come from a totally unexpected angle, like Spiderman kicking you when you’re down…
  • There’s no way of knowing how far it will go. One guy will only break it up, another will put you in the hospital or worse.

How to prevent this? Don’t get into stupid fights…


To be complete: here are the responses of Batman and the street thug that beat him up:

Batman’s explanation of what happened is a sad example of poor decision making and lousy street-survival skills


The thug’s explanation. Well… Never mind.





  1. cringe…

  2. Ohh man! Glad you reviewed this video! Sometimes people just need to stop and think about their surroundings. Things could haver definitely ended bad for either one in this situation. Luckily, due to the outcome,all I can do at this point is laugh!


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