Gym clowns

Before I talk about gym clowns, some background:

I’ve been working as a Personal Trainer for over 18 years now and have been lifting weights for over 23 years; you could say I’ve spent my fair share of time in the gym. Or better yet, in many gyms all over the world.  So I’m speaking from experience here that no matter which gym you go to, you’ll eventually find some gym clowns doing their thing.

Some of them are harmless and actually pretty funny to watch. Others are an accident waiting to happen, usually with themselves as the victim though sometimes innocent passersby get dragged into their antics. The gym clowns in this video mostly fall into the latter category.

Take a look:

Typically, gym clowns earn their title by doing the following:

  • Being a little bit nuts.
  • Using too much weight.
  • Using bad form.
  • Ignoring gym etiquette.
  • Curling in the squat rack.
  • Being totally nuts.

The funniest gym clown I ever saw was a guy who always wore yellow spandex shorts and sleeveless t-shirts that were just short enough for his potbelly to stick out. He’d smile and wink at every woman in the gym while passing in front of the treadmills on his way to the free weights. Then he’d go at it without warm-up and just tear up the dumbbells and barbells with exercises I’d never seen before (and haven’t since…) for an hour straight. Most of those exercises defied all laws of physics and exercise science. But he went at it hard every set and was in a puddle of sweat at the end of his session. Then he’d walk his sweat-soaked body in front of the women again, still smiling and catching their eye, only to leave the gym without taking a shower.

He was already there when I joined the gym and was still there when I left years later.

gym clowns

Gym clowns…

There were a bunch of other gym clowns but this was the funniest one.


So, how about you?

What was the worst or funniest gym clown you ever saw?

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  1. Hi Wim,

    Laughed my head off at video : )

    One of my best gym clown encounter – was training in a gym in Italy. A guy in lycra shorts, walks up to a mirror, with super light dumbbells, stands sort of side on to mirror, then proceeds to curl dumbbells (incorrectly of course) while staring at his own ass! Occasionally he would look at the pretty girl on a nearby treadmill. Even bewtween sets he would look at his own ass. Jeezzz…

    • I can’t count the number of guys who checked themselves out in the mirror while training. The worst were always those who would check their abs when they were doing anything but ab exercises. :-)

  2. Damn. I’m “that guy” who curls in the squat rack. In all fairness to me, I try not to hog the rack and get done quick. I have back issues so being able to set the catch bars higher means I don’t have to bend over as much.

    Back in the day when I was young and handsome I used to lift in a shit hole gym. Think the Rocky 1 movie. It was mostly poor military guys or factory workers. There was a pair that many of us called Beavis & Butthead. They lifted way too much and they did it with bad form.

    One day Beavis was trying to bench 315 lbs. Basically 6 plates with no collars. Well Newton’s law took over and one of the plates slid off. Butthead came to his aid and tried to stop gravity. The hilarious part was watching the bar rock from side to side as the duo tried to stop momentum. The bad part is that one of the plates hit the floor and rolled into the wall mirror.

    Nobody got hurt and the pair was kicked out after that event.

  3. Rick Guzman says

    I can understand Ronald McDonald being a gym clown, after all those Bic Mac’s and fries take a toll.

    I also notice that the gym clowns always look the same no matter how long they train. They never make any physical improvements. I know you pointed out the reasons such as poor form and exercises known only to them.

    • Good point Rick. Perhaps if they noticed they weren’t making any progress, they’d ask somebody what they were doing wrong. I wouldn’t want to be the PT who has to break the news to them though… :-)

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