Podcast prep-work: Need your input

So I’m busy doing the prep-work for a podcast. There are different ways I can go with that and they all have good and bad sides to them.  Before I get started, I’d like to run it by you for some input.

Here’s what I’m thinking right now:

  • +/- 30min. per episode. Interviews might run longer.
  • One episode  a month, more or less frequently will depend on my workload.
  • A couple of regular features:
    • What I’m up to at the moment.
    • Some thoughts on a specific topic relating to MAs or SD.
    • Training tips.
    • Q&A with the questions you send in.
    • Stuff I’m reading/viewing that I recommend.

If you have Qs you’d like me to tackle in the Q&A section, send them to me via this page. I won’t respond to all the emails (don’t have the time for it, sorry) but they will all go into the Q&A file from which I’ll draw ideas for the podcast.

What do you guys think of this plan so far? Any suggestions?


Old Lady fights off robbers with handbag

A bunch of robbers  smash in the windows of a jewelry store with sledgehammers. They’re going for the classic snatch and grab and have scooters standing by for their getaway. Pretty basic stuff so far. But it all turns to hell for them when an old lady comes running up and starts bashing them with her purse. They are clearly unsure of what to do next: bash her in the head (and face higher charges if they’re caught), keep stealing (and keep having to deal with her) or run. They choose the latter…

Closeup and more footage:

Nothing but praise for the courage of this old lady. She saw something that was wrong and went to do something about it. Was it reckless and dangerous of her? Yup. One swing of a sledge hammer could have ended her life. But nobody else was stepping up so she decided to so just that. You can only admire her courage here and be glad she’s alright.


Epic situational awareness fail

The first lesson of self defense is to have a solid awareness of your surroundings. As you can see, awareness not only keeps you safe but also dry. Talk about an epic fail… :-)


I never really understood people who walk around texting like that. I mean, isn’t it blatantly obvious you’re going to run into things when you focus on the small screen of your cellphone? Or worse, become a prime candidate for muggers, purse snatchers, and their ilk? I’m not sure if this woman would agree with me, but she’ll sure pay more attention now….


High kick fail

After yesterday’s push kick fail, here’s another one:

This idiot starts picking a fight and he can’t wait to just try out his high kick. From the looks of it, he just learned it in karate class. Perhaps he should have practiced some more first…

Props to one of my students for sending me this one.