Basic Self-Defense Instructional Video

My new instructional video “Basic Self-Defense 1: Controlling Techniques” is noww available. Get the 25% discount now before it expires!

Podcast episode 23: My new instructional video, Basic Self-Defense

An update on what’s been going on, a wicked cool surprise, I give details about my upcoming instructional video “Basic Self-Defense” and ther’s a Q&A at the end.

Podcast Episode 012: Paladin Press videos and a celebration

Podcast episode #12 in which I explain where you can get my Paladin Press videos again, give away free stuff for my first year on Patreon and a quick Q&A

My Paladin Press videos are available again

My old Paladin Press videos are available for sale again!

Podcast Episode 009: My new instructional video

After some updates about my surgery and what I’m up to now, I talk a bit about the new instructional video I just published. It’s on a self-defense topic that is often overlooked. The episode ends with another Q&A.