Podcast Episode 15: Interview with Captain Jon Lupo

We’re at episode 15 now and in this one, I interview Captain Jon Lupo of the New York State Police. I’ve known Jon for a long time and he’s a solid, stand-up guy. I wanted him on the show to let him share his experience in law enforcement with us all and ask some specific questions relating to self-defense and the law. I think you’ll enjoy it!

Wim demeere podcast - interview with Captain Jon Lupo

Captain Jon Lupo

The reason this episode is a few days late is because I did a book launch last week and it took up all my time. You can get my Heavy Bag Training book again in paper and electronic version and now that this one is released again, I can get back to the regular podcast schedule.

That said, let’s start the show:

Show notes:

1. Updates:

2. Doing the job:

3. Self-Defense

4. Q&A

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