Enter The Dojo, Episode 10: “Meditation”

Master Ken has returned with Enter The Dojo, Episode 10: “Meditation” This time he shows us what true meditation look like. Enjoy!


My personal favorites:

“I guess I was just dehydrated.”


“I doubt it.”

Master Ken Public Service Announcement: Stop Ninjitsu

Master Ken from “Enter The Dojo” is back with a public service announcement to “Stop Ninjitsu”.


Well, because Ninjitsu is bullshit and only good for radioactive turtles…

Now who can argue with that?

Enter The Dojo, Episode 9: “The Hurticane”

Master Ken is back! Here’s Episode 9 of Enter The Dojo and it’s titled “The Hurticane”.



The best part for me in this episode:

  • “…up to ten men… or fourteen dwarfs.”
  • Master Ken’s Hurticane. ‘Nuff said…
  • Cynthia’s Hurticane. Looks like a hamster dancing.



Looking forward to the next episode!

Speaking of which, I have a question for you all:

Why aren’t you already subscribed to Enter The Dojo on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter? What is wrong with you? What is your major malfunction that you’re not supporting them? We need more of these episodes! We need to get these people some serious financial backing so they can make a kick ass TV series. So go and support them by following them on those platforms! And spread the word!  Tiger Claw! Kill Face! Hurticane those fourteen dwarfs!

Ehm… Thank you, I feel all better now…

Enter the Dojo: Ninjitsu is Bullshit

Master Ken is back again in Enter the Dojo and has this to say: ninjitsu is bullshit.

If you want to hear why, watch this video…