Road rage death and self-defense

This is an interesting case of road rage and it illustrates one of the reasons why I do my Violence Analysis videos: to share information and insights on how violence happens in real life and what the consequences can be. But most of all, how this applies to self-defense and personal safety. One of my Patrons sent me the video and we talked a bit about it. In particular, how people seem to have less and less an understanding of danger and take stupid risks all the time.
Watch the video first, then read this:

Some thoughts:
  • This incident clearly shows the unpredictable nature of conflict: it starts as a typical shoving match but it ends with a body on the floor. That kind of shoving match happens dozens of times all over the world, every day. But not every one of them ends with somebody losing his life over it, most don’t come even close to that. Because so few of them end in death, it is easy to assume they never will.

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