Self-Defense seminar in The Netherlands

If you haven’t heard already, next weekend, May 21-22, I’m doing a two-day self-defense seminar in The Netherlands. The location is Assendelft, which is just outside of Amsterdam. There’s only a limited number of available spots, so it’s best to book now instead of wait. Go to this website to claim your spot.

Some of the topics we’re going to cover:

  • Basic Self-Defense techniques
  • Flinch/cover to control/striking
  • 3 timings: ambush/sucker punch, sudden attack, advance warning.
  • Hard vs. soft: control vs. finishing techniques
  • Drills: Jack in the box, Push/pull, Pad striking drill, Wall drill, Frankenstein, etc.
  • Case studies using video footage or real incidents: Ambush, Sucker punch, Escalation.
  • Scenario training: Walk-aways, Boundary setting, Pre-emptive strike, Environmental tactics.
  • Much more…

My schedule is pretty packed for the coming months, so this is probably the only seminar I’ll do for a while. If you want to attend, don’t delay and reserve your spot.


Self-defense seminar in Sheffield, UK

Just a quick update for those of you who don’t know already: on May 11-12 I’ll be teaching a self-defense seminar in Sheffield, UK. The seminar is hosted by Garry Smith, who runs a very successful school there. Take a look a this site here. He’s been hosting seminars with a bunch of instructors like Rory Miller, Marc MacYoung and many more for a while now. So I was happy to see he contacted me some time ago to set something up.

Here are the promo clip and some details:



May 11 and 12, 2013.


The University of Sheffield, UK.


If you contact Garry quickly for the early bookings discount: only £30 per day (£60 for both days). Limited time offer depending on availability, so don’t delay.


During this seminar, we’ll cover numerous drills and practice lots of self-defense techniques, partly from the Combat Sanshou system I teach. You can see some examples of that in the promo clip. My focus for this seminar will be on:

  • Making the techniques work for you. It doesn’t matter what I can do; it’s about what you can do in the street.
  • Pre-emptive strikes and set-ups. There are situations in which taking the initiative is the best strategy. OK, how do you do that? I’ll cover numerous options for specific situations.
  • Quick fight-stoppers. Different ways to end the fight in an instant. I covered one fight-stopper already in detail.
  • Case studies. I’ll show videos of street fights and attacks. Then we analyze them and practice possible solutions.
  • Conditioning and body mechanics. I will cover some of the drills and exercises I personally use to improve my body mechanics for more strength, speed *and* avoiding telegraphing your movements.
  • Belgian Chocolate. I’ll bring some fine Belgian chocolate for everybody who attends. Just because I can. :-)

This is probably the only seminar I’ll do in the UK this year, so don’t miss it!  Contact Garry right away to reserve your spot.

Also, feel free to share this post with your friends in the UK who might be interested. The more, the merrier.

I look forward to seeing you there.