Podcast Episode 16: Listener Questions and Answers


In this episode, I answer a few listener questions on martial arts and self-defense.

New instructional video: Five Element Arm

New instructional video: Five Element Arm. A series of self-defense techniques from the Practical Tai Chi Chuan system I teach.

Podcast Episode 008: Interview with Dennis Dilday

To make up for the delay of the last episode, episode 008 is an extra long one. I interview Dennis Dilday, who is both an experienced chiropractor and Tai Chi Chuan practitioner. We talk in detail about the art we practice, self-defense, body mechanics and much, more.

Free Style Tui Shou – Pushing Hands

Getting myTai Chi on…

Tai Chi Chuan Tricks

I wanna be a tai chi chuan airbender too…