Podcast episode 22: Interview with paramedic Doug Wittrock on handling injuries suffered in training or street fights

In this episode, paramedic Doug Wittrock covers the most common injuries that result from physical violence and explains the best practices on how to handle them. Learn about when you should go to a hospital right away and how you can help paramedics do their job.

Podcast Episode 20: how to take notes of your martial arts and self-defense techniques

One of my Patrons asked if I could give some tips about taking good notes of your martial arts and self-defense techniques. He struggled with it during seminars and is looking for some information on how to do it better.

I take a lot of notes myself and have devised my own system over the years. In this episode, I share some of the most key aspects of efficient note-taking for the long term.

How to never stop improving in your martial arts training: Randy’s Law


Randy’s Law says that the differences are just as important as the similarities. You can use this to never stop improving your martial arts skills and in this article, I explain how.

The Fighter’s Guide To Hard-Core Heavy Bag Training is now republished

I just re-released by book, “The Fighter’s Guide To Hard-Core Heavy Bag Training.” Get it now before the price goes up tomorrow!

Podcast Episode 008: Interview with Dennis Dilday

To make up for the delay of the last episode, episode 008 is an extra long one. I interview Dennis Dilday, who is both an experienced chiropractor and Tai Chi Chuan practitioner. We talk in detail about the art we practice, self-defense, body mechanics and much, more.