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Book give-away

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A while ago, I promised to give away a copy of one of my books to somebody chosen at random when we get 1.000 likes on my Facebook page. Looks like we just crossed that mark so I’m here to deliver on that promise.

First though, I’d like to thank every single one of you for your continued support over all these years. It’s been one hell of a ride here on my blog and the feedback has been amazing.  If it weren’t for you always coming back here and supporting my books and videos, there would be no reason for me to keep going. So a big ‘Thanks!” to you all.


As for the give-away, here’s how you get a shot at winning a free copy of The Fighter’s Guide to Hard-Core Heavy Bag Training:

  • Go to my Facebook page. If you haven’t hit “Like” already, do so first.
  • Look for the wall update where I mention this post. I’ll highlight it so it’s clearly visible.
  • Leave a comment on that update, mentioning you’d like to enter the give-away.
  • This Sunday, March the 10th, I’ll draw a lucky winner at random from those comments and get in touch.

That’s it, easy as pie.

Good luck!



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Roadmap for 2013

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So the new year is here.

Usually, this is around the time people make resolutions and try to stick to them. More often than not, this ends in failure. Which is no big deal as in a way, that’s an integral part of being human and we’ve all been there. But I believe there is value in these resolutions and usually make them myself. In contrast to the previous years, this time I made them more general. Here are the ones I made yesterday:

  1. Spend more time with my loved ones.
  2. Spend more time doing what I like and less what I don’t like.
  3. Kick my own ass in training.

If I can do all that consistently, my life will be perfect in 2013.

Tonight, I added two more:

4. Get as healthy as I possibly can.
5. Make the necessary changes in my life to fulfill those resolutions.

These might seem a bit bizarre at first glance so here’s some background information for you:

The last three years of my life have been incredibly intense. For a variety of reasons, both my personal and professional life was incredibly hectic and stressful. I worked very hard and had tons of pressure to deal with, along with handling issues I shouldn’t have had to take on but was forced to anyway. 2012 was in many ways the climax after a long build up, culminating in me sitting in the doctor’s office on December 31st.  The doc made it clear in no uncertain terms that I have been burning the candle on both ends for too long and this is my body giving me the bill: Read More→

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Odds and ends

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A couple of updates…

  • I received an email from Youtube to join their Partner Program, took a look and then went ahead and joined them. This allows me more freedom when making videos for my Youtube channel, along with more exposure for them. Right now, I’m looking into how I can make the most of this so you can expect more videos coming your way. Also, I added another background to my channel page. take a look here.
  • Speaking of which, I made a video especially for a guest blog post on another site and it goes live tomorrow. I’ll let you know when the link is live and post some additional information here too. The title is “How to increase your striking power in five minutes.” Stay tuned for more…
  • I’m going to expand the resources page a bit with a selection of fiction books I think you might enjoy. Some of these will be about martial arts and self-defense. Others might be interesting for other reasons, e.g.: the psychological aspects other things. I posted about this in the past and think it’s an enjoyable way to learn more about these aspects. Even though it’s all fiction, there are some very important messages in those books.
  • Starting this off: right now I’m reading Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. It’s an older science-fiction book but many of the things in it came true in this day and age. In short, it’s about the training of a child to become the best strategist in the world to defeat an alien army. Sounds silly but I was impressed by how the author described the psychological aspects of violence. Another aspect is in how he captures the essence of learning to think strategically. I highly recommend this one.
  • I’ve begun working on a series of blog posts of which the title will make you cringe: “How to make money with martial arts.”  But instead of the usual hyper-commercial and internet-marketing nonsense, I’m trying to do something unheard of in that niche: tell the truth. Given as I’ve been making a living of teaching martial arts for the last twenty years and have seen all sorts of deceptive products that claim to teach you how to do this, I’m going to enjoy roasting a couple sacred cows… This will take time though, as I want to be thorough. So bear with me as I put this all together.
  • On a final note: Paladin Press is doing a huge sale for their 42th anniversary. They’re giving you 42% off on all your purchases until 9/21. Type in the code “PALADIN42″ as you check out and you’ll get the discount. If you’re interested, check out my Pad Man video. at 42% off, it’s a steal.


That’s it for now. Drop me a comment on my Facebook page if you have any thoughts or ideas.

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Some random updates

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Just a quick blog post with random stuff.

First, I talked to the people at Paladin Press yesterday and there’s a good chance the two videos I shot with them last Summer will be released this year. It’s too soon to tell but things are looking good so far. The one video is a follow up on my Combat Sanshou series and the second covers the conditioning drills I do for improved performance in the martial arts. I’m pretty excited about those two as I had not only a lot of fun making them, they’re also projects I wanted to do for a long time. Fingers crossed they come out soon.

By the way, Paladin Press just updated their website and they’re offering a cool new feature called Deal of the Week. You can find discounted books and videos there, with the offer lasting a week or two at most. There is both older and brand new work in there so you might want to check back regularly.

Another thing they did is integrate their blog in the side bar of the site. A bunch of Paladin Press authors have been writing posts there for a while now so take a look in the archives for some cool articles. And if you wait a few more weeks, you’ll be able to read the one I wrote with the tentative title of “How to Increase Your Punching Power in Five Minutes ” along with a seven-minute instructional video.

Martial Arts, Self-Defense and a Whole Lot More

Received the proof copy a few days ago.

Next up, the paper version of Martial Arts, Self-Defense and a Whole Lot More, Volume 1 is almost ready. I received the proof copy a few days ago and am going over everything a bunch of time to get it ready. This should take another couple days to finalize and with some luck,it’ll be for sale soon enough. Stay tuned.


Finally, I’ll be in the UK for a seminar in 2013. If you live in the UK, drop on by then and we’ll have some fun training. Garry contacted me a little while ago, we talked about it and that was it. Check out this page for more details and a solid seminar date in a little while.

That’s it for this update. Regular posting resumes on Monday. :-)


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Resources Page

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A quick head’s up:

I just put a new page on-line here: the Resources Page.

The idea is very simple, but I think it might be useful to all of you. In short, it’s a page that lists all the products, services and tools I use both to run this blog but also for my own training and when I teach students or clients. I’ve mentioned those over the years here on my blog but that information is scattered all over the place. So to make it more practical for you, I bundled it all on one page.

martial arts self defense resources

I’ll keep on adding to this list as time goes by, so you might want to check it out every now and then. And if you have suggestions, let me know and I’ll see if I can add them.

If you like the page, feel free to share it with others who also might find a use for it. Thanks!


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Need your help with a new book

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I’m working on a new book tentatively called “Surviving a Knife Attack” and I am smack in the middle of the research phase. Right now, I don’t want to give away too many details but you can guess from the title what it’s about… :-)  Here’s the thing:

One of the things I’m doing with this book is using stories of actual events. I have a lot of stories already, some from well known authors and experts, but I’d like to get some more to have a bigger sample to draw information from. For that purpose, I’d like to ask your help:

  • If you’ve been attacked by somebody wielding a knife or other edged weapon and successfully defended yourself.
  • If you were in a situation where the knife was out but you got away, managed to de-escalate or anything else that meant no violence was used.
  • If you are willing to write about this event (anonymously if you prefer).
  • If you know of somebody who went through such an event and would be willing to write it up.

Please get in touch with me via my contact page. I’ll give you some more details then and we’ll see if we can work something out.

If you can’t help out in that department, no worries, there’s still something you can do:  please share this post  with your friends who also practice martial arts or train in self-defense. They might know somebody, even if you don’t.


In the same vein, I’m looking for two more contacts for the book:

  • An FBI agent who is willing (and allowed) to do an interview about the Uniform Crime Report, in particular the data on knife attacks.
  • A trauma surgeon with experience caring for victims of knife attacks (stabbings, cuts, etc.)

I would like to interview them via email or over the phone to get information  about the realities of knife attacks from their perspectives and professional experience. If they prefer, they can use an alias or stay anonymous.


With all the information I have right now, the book looks very promising. But I’d like to make it as good as I possibly can so if you could direct some people who can help out towards me, that would be great. Thanks!


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24-hour promotion coming this Sunday

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Just a quick update:

I’m going to run a special, 24-hour promotion this Sunday. I think it’s pretty cool and I hope you’ll do so too.

I’ll announce it tomorrow night so you might want to check this space right here or my Facebook page around that time.


Stay tuned…

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