Road rage death and self-defense

A road rage incident lead to the death of a man. How can you learn from this for your self-defense needs?

24-hour discount on my books and videos

It was my birthday a few days ago, so I’m doing another special discount on several of my books and videos, listed below.  Don’t delay as these discounts will be gone in less than 24h… Some of the distributors are still processing the price changes (which can take a few hours), so if you are […]

Podcast episode 31: The three most common mistakes students make and how to avoid them

In this episode, I take a closer look at the three most common mistakes students make in martial arts and self-defense classes. I’ve been teaching for a long time and have consistently seen these come up. They can be avoided though, which is what I also discuss here.

Podcast episode 30: Interview with Dr. Alexis Artwohl

This is perhaps one of the best episodes of the podcast I’ve done so far. I spent about 1h45min. talking to Dr. Alexis Artwohl and she generously shared her expertise on training for lethal force incidents, dealing with the aftermath and PTSD among other topics. She has also agreed to come back on the show […]

Patreon Overview: November 2018 – Februari 2019

Here’s another update for the content I created exclusively for my Patreon supporters, covering November 2018 until February of this year. My Patreon page is where I post exclusive content not available elsewhere. There is now over 37.5 hours video material and this library grows by about 75 minutes every month.  That’s without the monthly […]