MMA epic fail

You can hardly go a day without seeing some sort of “epic fail” picture or video on the Internet and for good reason: they’re usually funny as hell. I just stumbled onto these two videos that show an MMA epic fail highlight reel. And I laughed my butt off. Mixed martial arts is no different from any other sport which means it’ll have its share of epic fails. Enjoy!

Just for the hell of it, here’s one in a category apart: a Wing Chun practitioner wants to enter M1 and gets told he doesn’t measure up. To say “he didn’t take it well and there was some drama” is putting it mildly…

How to do an MMA epic fail? Try to get into a huge MMA organisation without knowing MMA techniques. And then throw a fit when they turn you down...



  1. Danny Young says

    What is there to say? LOL……….

  2. Danny Young says

    What is there to say? LOL……….

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