Ramon Dekkers Motion Capture

Staying with the combat sports theme from the last couple posts… Here’s a wicked cool video clip, showing Ramon “The Diamond” Dekkers doing some motion capture.

Ramon Dekkers, real life and motion capture

If I understand it correctly, they’re going to use it for a video game. Which would be absolutely awesome. Here’s the clip:

As you can see, Ramon still has tremendous power at age 41, four years after retiring from the ring. Looking at some of the animated images, it looks to me like the computer can’t keep up with him. Especially when he throws punching combinations. It looks like there’s frames missing. Regardless, it’s cool to see the wire figure of Ramon doing techniques. It gives a great view of his body mechanics. As he was one of the hardest hitting nak Muay ever, you can’t go wrong in trying to punch and kick like he does.

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock the last two decades… Ramon “The Diamond” Dekkers fought 218 times, won 186 of those fights and knocked out 95 opponents. He was also the first foreigner who was awarded the “Fighter of the Year” title in Thailand. You don’t get that title because your hair looks good, in case you’re wondering… Here’s a highlight if you don’t believe me. :-)



  1. Man, that knockout @ 1:23 – AWESOME.(2nd video)

    Good stuff. I liked the final shot of video – respect and sportsmanship are crucial.

  2. i wonder who won the fight at 1.53 of the highlight.

  3. Wim

    He’s definitely a great ‘model’ to work from. I have an entire video of some of his fights with that horrible dance music all the way through., have to watch with the sound off. Exquisite technique though.

    • Thanks to Youtube you can find a lot of his old fights now. He was (is) one tough hombre. There’s a documentary on him somewhere, can’t remember what it was called. It shows his career and he comments on it. Some good insights.

  4. I must have been living under that rock. I hadn’t heard of him before. Pretty damn awesome.

    • If you’re into muay Thai, you definitely have to check him out. You don’t get to be fighter of the year in Thailand by accident when you’re a foreigner… :-)

  5. Really enjoyed the vids, especially the second one. Guy fought with an intensity rarely seen. Obviously, he can still bring it.

  6. Me and my old roommate use to stay up late checking out his old fights through file sharing years ago. Thanks for posting this -love his stuff and haven’t seen it in such a long time! Anyone know what the video game title is?

    • No idea what the name is or when it comes out. The only thing I read so far is about this motion capture footage. Looking forward to see what the game will eventually look like. I pray to all the deities it is nothing like that K-1 game from over 10 years ago, for the original PS…

  7. Let us pray :)

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