Kid with one leg training muay Thai

Whenever you’re hurt, feeling bad, want to whine about not getting what you want in your training, and more of that nonsense, take a look at this video of a young kid training muay Thai with just one leg.

I’m sure he has rough days where he curses his handicap. But it doesn’t seem to stop him form hitting and kicking the pads with a vengeance. The part I like best: he holds the pads for an even younger kid. He could be forgiven for just focusing on his own training. But he doesn’t, he helps out teaching his fellow students.

So a big hat tip and show of respect for this young nak muay. May we all strive to follow his example.

Props to Nico for this find.



  1. Thanks a lot Wim…here I am lazing around, eating Cheetos, and putting off today’s workout (I’ve got to catch up with all the new posts on my favorite blogs…right?).

    Then I come across this post and I get this nagging voice in the back of my head saying to me, “what’s your excuse?”


    No, seriously though thanks for the vid. Very inspirational.

  2. Gye Greene says

    Hey, great video!

    To clarify, though: **Why** would he be forgiven for just focusing on his own training? If he’s part of the school/dojo (sorry, don’t know the name they use in MT), then it seems like helping more junior students would be simply part of what you do.

    More strongly: If he just focused on his own training, that would be kinda jerky — handicap or not.


  3. Wow… Not only does it really make you take a step back and realize that you need to stop whining about the small challenges we all face. But it also really reminds you that we all are people… we are all broken or challenged in our own ways, and have to be there for each other. As you pointed out, he spends so much of the video helping others to learn rather than just focusing on himself.

    Thanks so much!

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