Turkish candid camera gone wrong.

A Turkish candid camera show goes horribly wrong. The joke is that an actor starts painting a guy’s car and everybody goes “Haha!” Well, the owner of the car didn’t think it was all that funny.  Check it out:



If Turkish law is anything like most law, legally speaking, he’s dead wrong in his violent response.  I’m not saying I don’t get why he’s so pissed off and starts punching and kicking the actor. But he’s not going to be able to claim self-defense on this one…

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  1. The actor was lucky the guy didn’t pull a knife or gun. Messing with random strangers in the name of cheap laughs is a risky business that’s bound to catch up with you some time or other. The guy who was having the trick played on him is possibly re-living midnight express even now. Really nice trick all round and great TV, I don’t doubt the producer was thrilled. He/She’s the one that should get locked up.

    • I agree in part. Yes, when you pull pranks, you shouldn’t expect to get some negative responses as not everyone likes to be the butt of the joke. That said, it looks like the owner of the carkept hitting the actor even after he was shown where the cameras are and that it was a joke (meaning, his car wasn’t messed up). There’s no excuse for that. Other than being an asshole, that is.

      • Problem is that assholes exist out there, as do all sorts of crazies, pychos and various unstable maniacs. You start pulling random pranks on strangers, one day you’ll meet one of these people and suffer the consequences. The fact that the guy throwing punches is in the wrong and may get punished doesn’t make the other guys injuries less severe.

        • I agree. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. But that doesn’t mean the asshole is right or justified in how he reacted. Which is the only point I’m making.

  2. Charles James says

    Anger takes control and sometimes it takes a lot of discipline to come back to normalcy with out great discipline. You have to wait it out.

    We forget just how much the male identifies with his ride. In some neighborhoods messing with a guys ride can get you shot, yes?

    Charles J.

    • Yes indeed Charles. Thing is, let’s imagine this happens: the prank is pulled in that neighbourhood. Mr. Macho shows up and shoots the actor. The crew comes rushing in and tries to save the actor but it’s too late. Guess who just bought himself a ticket straight to jail for a long, long time? Because he’s not going to have much of a case in justifying his actions in front of a jury. Especially as it’s all on tape.
      Mind you, I’m not saying it’ a good prank. I think it’s a stupid one. That’s not the point. The point is that identifying with your car doesn’t give you the right to kill a man. Would you be pissed off if you see a guy painting your car like that? Hell yeah. But there’s what is right/righteous and then there’s what’s legal. The two don’t always match up. So you can insist on getting payback because he “dissed” you by going after your car. In some parts of society, that’s indeed the right thing to do. But it still isn’t legal. given the almost omnipresence of cameras these days, swallowing your pride is often smarter than doing something like giving a guy a beating in broad daylight, on a busy street, in front of loads of witnesses, on camera and then continuing to do so after all this becomes clear to you. That’s not right/righteous. That’s stupidly fucking up your own life. Which is exactly what the owner of the car in this video did.

  3. I wory about Ashtom Kushner on the American show Punk’D a lot, because I feart one day he will punk somebody who will respond just like the gentleman in this Turkish video!

  4. On the same theme, here’s one from the vault you might enjoy; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jnt7ShK9sgE

  5. if someone painted my car, i’d want to slap him, but would think twice about actually doing it for fear of reprecussions. Some jokes ain’t funny – and this joke was very provocative. Programme researchers should have done there research better – and why the hell didn’t the actor just flee when the guy got very aggressive? strange.

  6. I caught a story on the news the other day about how ratings have gone up on (U.S.) “reality” shows in proportion to the amount of conflict and violence that is shown on them . I’d be curious to know if the ratings for this show went up at all after this incident.

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