Atlanta Cop beats woman in IHOP

There’s another video of so-called police brutality going around. In it, an Atlanta cop punches a woman when she’s intervening in an arrest at a local IHOP.  All over the Internet, people are saying the cop used too much force, shouldn’t have done this, didn’t need to arrest her, etc.

I think those people are full of shit.

The Atlanta cop (as far as I can tell form the videos) acted correctly. The woman in the black dress acted like a flaming idiot. The same goes for the woman in the booth who resisted arrest.

Before I explain, watch this video:


Here’s the same video but from another angle. You’ll see things a bit better.


IMO, both women are ignorant, stupid idiots for acting the way they did. Here’s why:

As far as I know, the US is a democracy. Some people argue over this, but to the best of my knowledge, this is mostly true.

Citizens of a democracy have rights. Most people know this, as they so often shout “I know my rights!” whenever something they don’t like happens. But there’s a flip side to this: when you accept the rights democracy gives you, you by default have to accept the duties that come along with it.

You don’t get to choose; it’s a package deal. Take it or leave it.

In a democracy, there is the rule of law. Which means you can’t just go outside and beat people up, no matter how much you’d want to or how much they deserve it. That means nobody else can just walk up to you and beat you up either, no matter how much you deserve it. So the legal system protects everybody.

The police enforce the law. (Yes, I’m oversimplifying things, I know. Just hang with me for a little longer.)

When somebody punches your face in, that’s who you call to use the laws your democracy gives you against your attacker and get some payback or at least punishment via the paperwork the LEOs have to fill in about the incident. It is your right then to sue your attacker’s ass off to get send him to prison, force him to pay you money, keep him away from you, etc.

The democracy that gives you those rights also gives you a duty: obey and respect the police as authority figures, as representatives of the system.

That means a couple of things:

  • When a LEO tells you to get out of the booth, you get out of the booth. No questions asked, no why, no posturing, nothing. Just do as you’re told. That’s your duty right then and there.
  • When a LEO says you’re under arrest, you come quietly and let him do his job. Anything else is wrong. You disagree? OK, please cite me the laws that say resisting arrest or fleeing is one of the rights you have by law.
  • When you see your friend being arrested or given an order by a LEO, you STFU and let him do his job. You are not an authority figure according to the law. You don’t get a say in the matter.
  • When you refuse to comply and resist arrest, the LEO is allowed to use force to make you comply. That’s also the law. In fact, the more you resist, the more force he’ll eventually be allowed to use. You, on the other hand, don’t have that right. You have a duty to comply.
  • When you see your friend being arrested and you decide to touch, grab, push, pull the LEO or in any other way intervene in the arrest, you’re obstructing that arrest. And then the LEO can haul your ass in too. That’s also the law. The law does not say you get to fight LEOs because you feel they are making a mistake.

Like I’ve said before: dura lex, sed lex.

But what if the LEO is wrong? What is he is arresting the wrong person? What if he is using too much force?

Easy: you file a frikkin’ complaint.

That’s also the law. Anything else is you being stupid.

The law doesn’t say you can yell, threaten, punch, kick, resist, interfere, etc. when a LEO does his job and you disagree. It says you use the same frikkin’ system that protects you against random violence, against the LEO whom you feel has wronged you.

That’s democracy, that’s how it works.

Is this a perfect system? Hell no, not by a long shot. But it’s the one you live in.

If you accept the rights your democracy gives you but refuse the duties that come with it, then you’re a hypocritical piece of shit that doesn’t deserve the rights your countrymen died for to give you.

If you disagree with the system: go into politics and change it, petition your representatives to change it, start a grass-roots movement and change it.

If you can’t live with that, leave the country. I suggest you go live in Ethiopia or Sudan and try resisting arrest there. Or mouth off to a LEO. Or just touch a LEO, let alone slap or punch him. When we find your body, we’ll make sure to give you a nice burial…

But you can’t cherry pick the parts of democracy you like and refuse to accept the duties that come with it. Because if you’re allowed to do that, so am I. And that would mean I can beat you up whenever I like when I ignore the parts I don’t like.

So to all those whining about police brutality in this video, here are your options:

  • Take political action.
  • Book a ticket on Air Ethiopia.
  • STFU.

OK, rant-mode is now OFF.



  1. Michelle Ray says

    Agree completely Wim, and very well put

  2. That guy has one cool custome.

  3. Not complicated. When the man with the law behind him and a gun on his belt gives you a lawful order, you refuse at your own peril. (You don’t have to obey an unlawful order — if he tells you to jump off a bridge or bash somebody over the head with a chair, you aren’t required to do those …)

  4. If you are a CUNT, like the one in the video, and you act like a man you better damn well expect to get treated like a man. That is one of the biggest problems with women in the US, they think they have some kind of entitlement because they are female. Try living in ANY other country and see how your precious female ass is treated. Don’t think you will like it for too awful long.

  5. very well put wim. you know, the issue of violent women is hardy ever discussed. they exist and they can be very nasty. the fact that you can file a complaint and have some chance of retribution is a privilage that the majority of people living on this planet have no idea about. i also believe that the vast mojority of cops in the US are good, hardworking people – there is soooo much disportionate emphasis on the mistakes they make or the occasional bad apple among them. to the conspiracy theorists out there – go live in a lawless country – you don’t deserve the good lawmen out there struggling to bring sanity and security to society. that crazy woman deserved a punch to bring her to her senses. police generally don’t go to populated commercial premises to arrest a woman for fun, or for something to do. they would prefer if the situation was solved amiciably. she was an irriational, violent idiot and was dealt with professionally. well done.

  6. incidently the black woman that was initially getting arrested scampered off when her violent friend was defending her, jesus! when your dealing with people with that type of integrity then don’t deserve much leeway. i believe the prudent use of a taser gun or cattle prod would have been approbiate. why should policemen be put at more risk than necessary with these types of thugs?

  7. Well said!!!!

  8. Well atleast the stromtroopers and bobba fett were there to save the situation.

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