Will Smith slaps reporter who tries to kiss him

While promoting “Men in Black 3” in Moscow, a reporter for Ukranian television tried to kiss will Smith on the mouth. Apparently, that’s his handle; trying to kiss celebrities on the mouth. Will lightly slaps the reporter in the face after asking him “What the hell is your problem, man?”

Here is the footage:

Some thoughts on this:

  • The buzz is already heating up with people either chastising Smith for overreacting or cheering him on. Lots of stupid remarks flying around.
  • One of the things people have a problem with is when he says afterwards “He’s lucky I aint sucker punched him.” I can only agree with Will on that front. The reporter is lucky indeed as a lot of other men would have done just that. I can’t imagine a reporter trying something like that with a Sean Connery in his prime and not getting decked (Sean has some moves…)
  • Will quickly gathers his composure and continues the interviews. Good for him. Other people would have started fuming once the initial surprise wore off.
  • “If it were a girl he wouldn’t have slapped her” is what you hear a lot. So what? How does that change anything about his right to refuse and resist this kind of stupidity?
  • I just bet there will be tons of organizations who will try to paint Smith as homophobic. Which IMO is total bullshit.

Here’s the real issue:

What if it wasn’t Will Smith being kissed but a woman (say Scarlett Johansson) and she slapped the reporter in exactly the same way. Would anybody criticize her for it like they do Will Smith?

I don’t think so.

The headlines would be full of how a crazy reporter was out of line and deserved what he got, and then some. But for some reason, because Will is a man, he’s supposed to accept this and let it happen? Because he’s a man, he is not allowed to slap that reporter but Johansson is?

I call bullshit.

If somebody forces unwanted sexual attentions onto you, then they shouldn’t be surprised they get slapped, punched in the face or kicked in the nuts. Sexual orientation doesn’t even come into it at all. Regardless of whether you prefer men or women as your bed partner, nobody has the right to force his sexual advances upon you.

Like it or not, sexual predators often test the boundaries of their victims by consistently pushing against and then crossing boundaries. Each time they get away with it is an invitation to try and go a bit further. Eventually, it leads to rape (or worse) and then the victim gets blamed for having allowed it. Which is an offense that is perhaps even harder to deal with than the actual sexual assault.So fighting back right away, defending your boundaries is often the wisest and (in the long term) safest choice. As a whole, society should be in favor of this.

I see no reason whatsoever why this shouldn’t apply to celebrities. Being a world-famous actor means Will Smith has given up a lot of his privacy. That comes with the territory. Unwanted sexual attention like what this idiot reporter does isn’t something he needs to accept gracefully and just smile. If it is, then it applies to both men and women. And then millions of horny men will be standing in line at Scarlett Johansson’s next red carpet appearance to get their lips on her…

Some people will not like my take on this issue and point to how we’re all civilized now and all violence is inherently bad. To them I say: let me know when you come back to earth from whatever cloud you’re living on.

In real life, this is what usually happens when a man kisses another man against his will:

So all in all, Will Smith’s little slap wasn’t all that harsh…



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  1. Calling that a slap is like calling Sarah Palin smart. The reporter is lucky Will didn’t lay one of these on him!


  2. Oh I know. It was a reference to the press who’s milking it for all it’s worth. We need Kim Kardashian to sleep with Whitney Housten’s daughter so the press can move on!

    • Hehe. In a perfect world, we would wake up one day and all traces of Kim Kardashian would have disappeared by magic. That would be a great day.

  3. Will Smith has class. I would of punched, then kick fool.

  4. Will Smith’s reaction: completely normal and IMO surpisingly restrained. Thrill-seeking creeps like the reporter sometimes need a harsh lesson to wake up and be fearful of reprecussions. I remember once, when I was quite young and impressionable, being haraunged by a gay guy as I was walking home, alone, from a party (by the way I’m heterosexual and have a few gay friends, I’m not homophobic). He tried to do what this reporter was doing. He was warned beforehand, and quickly lunged at me, I backed off a little and kicked him – end of story. Personally I dont really give a flying crap if someone is into same sex relationships, into donkeys, into…I don’t know, turkeys! Thats there business, but I felt scared when that guy came at me, and I reacted instinctively, with force (by the way the front kick I gave him was crap, barely took the wind out of him). It was an incrediably intrusive act, as least for me. I shudder a little when I think about people, especially young people, that are vulnerable to these creeps. VIOLENCE IN THAT SITUATION SAVED ME FROM A WORSE FATE! so to all those supposedly fair-minded, moral people out there that feel I committed a wrongful act, get real, very real. Your high-minded preciousness would not have saved my ass that day! I had no time to think about morals, the dis-enfranchised, minority groups, gay rights, human rights etc etc. I was dealing with an irrational, craven individual wanting to violate me. Opps, I kicked him, my bad! Sorry for long rant Wim, again.

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