App for self defense and emergency situations

I just found out about an app that is about to launch and wanted to give you a head’s up because I love this concept. It’s a perfect match for not only emergencies like earthquakes, or other natural disasters but it works just as well for self-defense situations like robberies, assault and so on. I liked it so much, I went ahead and added it to the resources page. First some background information.

Last year we had disaster strike here in Belgium. One of the biggest festivals here, Pukkelpop, was going full swing when a freak thunderstorm raged over the area.With wind speed in excess of 100Mph, stages collapsed, screens and towers toppled, tents collapsed and flying debris was all over the place with the resulting mass panic you can expect. When it was all over, five people were dead and about 150 injured.

App for self defense and emergency situations

People running for their lives to find shelter at Pukkelpop 2011

One of the biggest problems was that people massively started calling home to tell them they were fine or to find their friends from whom they got separated. As a result, the network went down and the chaos remained longer than it should have. And that’s where this app, which was developed to avoid this from happening again, comes in.  Here’s how it works:

  • You install the app and login with your Facebook account.
  • You add as many email addresses as you like so people get notified via email too.
  • When you’re in an emergency situation, you open the app and hit either the green (I’m fine!) or the red (I need help!) button.
  • You add a customized message with more detail if you want and then send out the call
  • The app then automatically sends a message to the contacts you added but it also posts this information on your Facebook wall.
  • The message provides a link with the following information:
    • Your status: you need help or you’re fine.
    • Your custom message.
    • Your latitude and longitude at the moment of sending the message.
    • A Google map with your location.

App for self-defense and emergency situations

I don’t know about you but to me, this sounds like a great app for self defense along with all the disaster situations in which it could prove crucial. Think of it as a modern and more effective way of sounding the horn. Imagine being attacked and injured. You can no longer walk but you can still use your phone. Right after you call 911, you use the app and the alarm sounds to all your loved ones. If you can’t call 911 because the signal isn’t great, you can use your data connection or any WiFi connection to use the app and ask your contacts to call. Pretty handy, even for less than critical situations



The app will be available any day now (the developers just need Apple to approve it) so don’t forget to check the app store for it.

Also, please share this post with your friends and colleagues to raise awareness for this tool. Most importantly, let parents with teenage children know about it. The youngsters are the ones who like to go to festivals and go out while the parents are worried sick about them (not all of them, but still…). This might be just the thing they are looking for.




  1. Hi Wim, that’s such a cool write-up! We’re expecting the app to be available within a few days tops. Let me know if you’d like a beta preview build and I’ll send one over! Stay safe!

    • That’d be great, I’d love to give it a test drive. I have an Android phone, not IOS but I can ask somebody who owns an Iphone and test it on theirs. Send me a mail through the contact page and we can figure it out. Thanks!

  2. Thanks — this looks like a great app. I know there are some similar programs that incorporated GPS tracking for personal security and a panic button function that are downloadable to a smartphone but I believe those all require some type o subscription.

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