100 Ways to Attack the Groin

Master Ken is back in action, this time with IMHO his best video ever: 100 ways to attack the groin.

Put down any beverages and then start watching this video.


Superhero Mixed Martial Arts

Of all the things I was expecting to see in 2014, superhero mixed martial arts wasn’t one of them. Check out this video of Batman and Robin fighting Spiderman in a 2-on-1 fight under what looks like mixed martial arts rules.

Take a look:

Whatever you think of the fight, the intro as they got on the stage was pretty cool with Robin jump-kicking over Batman. Too bad they got their asses kicked. The takedown by The Riddler was cool too.

After a quick search, I found this site: Hardest Man. Turns out it’s a UK organization that is putting up the events. I have no idea why they are doing a super hero mixed martial arts division on top of the regular one, but who cares?  It’s awesome.

Here’s another trailer from them: [Read more…]

Two assholes on the mat

A couple years ago, I did a series of posts on how to piss off your training partner. I just saw this video featuring, well, two assholes on the mat, and it reminded me of that series. Those posts were written with conflicts between students in mind but it applies as well to student-teacher dynamics. In this video, you get a prime example of how people escalate a situation into full conflict despite having numerous options to solve it.

Frankly, I’m not entirely convinced this is real. A couple of things feel off to me so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a set up to give that school some free publicity. But I’ll assume it isn’t and  treat the footage as real. That way I can point to the aspects that are worth mentioning.

I’ll comment some more below but first, take a look at the video:

There are a couple things that stand out:

  • The instructor replies with “Whatever” when his students say the black belt’s name is Keith. That’s some pretty disrespectful behavior right there.
  • Then he refuses to shake Keith’s hand. He just ignores the man’s outstretched hand and grabs him by the collar right away. Now I could be wrong but the way I learned Japanese martial arts, you bow to your training partners. There are good reasons for that, as this video illustrates.
  • Keith is being a bit of an asshole there by gripping the collar hard and resisting the move. It’s not hard to mess up a technique if you know it’s coming. It’s also not possible to teach a technique clearly if your demo partner resists all the way. The students just won’t be able to learn it.
  • Keith is then told to relax and leave it loose. He does the opposite and fights the technique even more. Asshole, times two.
  • The instructor doesn’t handle it well though. He stares Keith down and then cranks up the volume. When that doesn’t work, he slaps Keith. He is now also fully engaged in asshole-mode.
  • The scuffle is broken up and the instructor apologizes, offering his hand. Keith slaps it away. He is now in all-out asshole-mode too.
  • The instructor apologizes again (not convincingly in my opinion…) and grabs Keith again to demonstrate the technique. I’m pretty sure he was planning on slamming Keith on the floor as hard as possible.
  • When Keith, predictable as hell, resists again, the instructor cranks it up some more and grabs Keith’s face. The scuffle is back on again.

I’ve been in similar situations tons of times in the past 25 years and can relate with how the instructor feels: it’s annoying as hell to work with a guy like Keith: you can’t teach the technique because he resists it so the students don’t learn anything and you waste a lot of time. What’s worse, both you and the guy can get injured if he resists the wrong way. There’s really is no upside for anybody in these situations.

The instructor could have done several things to defuse the situation: [Read more…]

New CrossFit training?

I propose to make this one an official new CrossFit training exercise and call it “Girl Pick-Ups.”  You need to do at least 5 reps with a girl weighing at least 2/3rd of your body weight. The grunting and yelling is mandatory, or it doesn’t count. Gotta be “intense”, like the girl says at the end of this video…

I have to admit to having done similar things in the past: I bench pressed pretty much every woman I’ve been involved with in the last ten years. Why? Because they eventually always insist on asking me how strong I am and could I lift this or pick up that. Which always feels like a weird question to me as I’m long past the stage of trying to impress a woman for her to like me. But I guess it’s just one of those things.

So instead of picking up something really heavy (which I already do plenty of in my conditioning training), I offer to squat or bench press her if she absolutely needs to know how strong I am. Which has the added benefit of always resulting in the two of us lying on the floor bodies intertwined. There are worse things in life…

And no, I never dropped any of those women like the guy in the video does. Though as a friend of mine would say: given how some of those relationships turned out, maybe I should have tried to throw them as far away as possible. (Some of my friends are a bit… Offbeat.)