A self defense lesson from natural predators

Sometimes you’re the predator, sometimes you’re the prey. We all know that. Just don’t forget that these roles are interchangeable at any point in time…  Watch until the end:

There are more self defense lessons of course:

  • Never give up, no matter how bad it looks.
  • Having back up rocks.
  • When you think you own your prey, watch your back. Literally.

Props to Rock for this find.


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  1. Chris Hanson says

    Love the video!
    I’ve always been fascinated between the human-animal connection. All truths behind our reality as human beings lie in nature. Amazing stuff. This makes me want to watch more nature videos.

  2. This is an inspiring video, it shows the value of sticking together as a team, and caring for each other. Noticed how they isolated the other lion to better their odds.

  3. Great clip Wim!

  4. I can’t have been the only one who heard the cavalry horns blowing in my head, like in the old lucky luke cartoons.

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